Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Ben Folds and other adventures on the Internet

Most of you will probably realize by now that I don't blog half as much as the other two contributors on this page. Mostly, it's because I don't have the patiences to sit down and write whenever I'm excited about something new I've discovered.

But alas, I've got plenty of time on my hands right now since I'm on a bus heading towards New York City. Luckily this bus has free Wifi and a plug for my laptop. Huzzah!

Ben Folds is a piano genius. Back when he was part of a Five and they wrote Brick, it was and still is an all time favorite. Since then, Ben Folds has gone solo with 2 albums under his belt and toured tirelessly.

His next solo effort will be released on Sept 30.

The first single is called You Don't Know Me and it features Regina Spektor. I throughly enjoy it. Check it out for yourself.

Ben Folds (feat. Regina Spektor) - You Don't Know Me (mp3)

On a related note, Way to Normal was leaked online back in July. Oddly enough the leak was done by Folds himself. And the 9 songs were fake songs too! Those songs will be appearing as b-sides and bonus tracks for future records.

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