Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Internet Adventures Cont'd...

Clearly I am bored, two posts in a day is unheard of from me! Luckily I stumbled upon this little gem. For those of you who have heard this already, I apologize for repeating this but it needs to be known!

I am not a Nickelback fan. This is not a case of it's-not-the-band-I-hate, it's-their-fans. I just plain old, don't like Nickelback for their music. It's unoriginal. That is my personal opinion and you may have your own. But after finding this site, I feel as though I have some concrete proof as to why I dislike them so.

The blog Who Killed the Mixtape? featured an mp3 of 2 Nickelback songs a couple of months back. Not surprisingly they are quite similar. To the point that when you listen to the song on headphones (Someday comes from the left speaker and How You Remind Me comes from the right), there is not much dissonance. When songs are different, they clash when played together. Not these two. They (not) suprisingly complement each other. Nickelback needs a shot of orginality, stat!

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