Friday, September 26, 2008

Stereophonics at Customs

A couple of months back, coming back to Canada after an American shopping day trip, my friends and I were pulled over. Because we were carrying new Coach bags. I hate that brand. One Coach bag costs $100+. Anyways, the reason why is because we went over our spending limit for the day. Roughly $50 is the maximum amount of goods you can bring back over to Canada when you go cross border shooping. So yeah, we got pulled over and slapped with a fine for a stupid reason like spending too much money.

But what happens when you decide not to pull over at customs? Ask the Stereophonics.

The UK band apparently refused to pull over. Canadian officials had to chase them down. The driver of their tour bus ignored police calls to pull over while driving back from a Vancouver show at 4am on Sept. 22. So then each of the band members had to get majorly searched by officials at the border when it turned out the driver had parked illegally.

Kelly Jones (of the band) told The Sun (UK): “What a day. We got chased by the cops for two miles – for illegal parking. “We got stopped and searched, the bus was searched and we had to unload the trailer.” And then Jones let it slip that he was friends with a former drug smuggler cause guards started talking about a guy who used to smuggle drugs through band equipment.
Jones said, :‘Are you talking about Howard Marks? He’s my friend.’ You can imagine the rest.”
So next time, take due diligence and be on your best behaviour at the border.

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