Friday, September 26, 2008

Your 33 Black Angels

Your 33 Black Angels of Brooklyn are putting out a new album on October the 14th. Their last album, Lonely Street, got praise from Rolling Stone, HARP, just to name a few . Unlike the set standard of LPs being 10-14 tracks long, Tales of My Pop-Rock Love (great album name, huh?) is set to be a great 22 tracks. Awesome. I feel let down when my only complaint about a great album is that it's too short.

In their own words, they describe Tales of My Pop-Rock Love as "florid, visionary rock and soul about girls, death violence, daises and true love".

Your 33 Black Angels - New Song

This new track, simply entitled "New Song", is quite the charmer. It's got that optimistic-indie vibe to it that you can't help but sing along to. There's something about these guys, maybe the self-produced quality, that makes me think they belong in the 90s section of my music library. The 90s were my golden age of music. Be sure to check out more of their stuff on their mySpace. You'll see what I mean.

Your 33 Black Angels have just finished their US tour. If you've missed them, but are lucky enough to be their hometown on Halloween night, they'll be playing a show at Brooklyn's MonkeyTown.

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