Wednesday, September 17, 2008

YorkFest 2008

It was EPIC.

I have a friend that attends York University, and she invited me to be her guest at their concert this year. I'm so glad I'm her friend. Much love to you, Vee!

I'm still so psyched about this show that I'm gonna spread the love and pepper this post with mp3s, and videos and photos that I TOOK MYSELF. Ha! It's a fuckin' smorgeshboard of awesome!

Ruby Coast.

They take to the stage with the air of a very modest indie band. They've got that highly infectious geek-pop-rock feeling to them.

The adorable keyboard notes get increasingly enjoyable through each verse. It makes the crowd very happy. This makes them very happy in return. The lead singer quips a quick "you're fucking awesome" to us before they begin their next song.

Ruby Coast - Brittle Bones

Ruby Coast - Brittle Bones (mp3)
(not yet available for purchase; check mySpace for updates)

Sweet Thing.

Now I'll be completely honest. I love the headliners for YorkFest '08, more popularly known as the Stars. But Sweet Thing was the reason I came. You may remember me posting about this band a few months ago. I'm very excited for them. I knew there was going to be rhythmic clapping. I knew there was gonna be "da-da-da"-ing. Knowing didn't take any satisfaction away from doing either as they performed. Hell, I'm still da-da-da-ing. Twelve hours after the show. For me, they were the highlight of the night.

Solid tunes, and solid showmanship. Remember that post I did about Brandon Flower's mustache, and how much I hated it? Well, Owen of Sweet Thing, I completely forgive your mustache. You're an awesome performer, and that more than makes up for it.

Sweet Thing - Down to the Ground

Sweet Thing - Lie Low (?) and Everyone

Smash that tambourine, boy!

Sweet Thing - Kite Fight

I have a few more videos to upload from their set. But it takes forever to upload things on YouTube. When they're up, I'll put them either in an edit of this post, or a separate "updates" post. Or you can just subscribe to impressionableyouth on YouTube. I plan to record more videos of shows that I see in the future, and things of that sort.

Sweet Thing - Down to the Ground (mp3)(buy)
Sweet Thing - Everyone (mp3)(buy)
Sweet Thing - Kite Fight (mp3) (buy)

Last, but not least, who everyone's been waiting for:


Before their shows, they set up bouquets of roses that they'll toss into the audience during their songs. Petals go flying. Last night was no different (the lucky guy beside me caught one). They were amazing. I had never been to a Stars show before, and was naive to think it would only be swaying. I was an idiot. They really rocked out. They rocked out hard.

I was only able to stay for less than half the set unfortunately. I'll have to see them again when the come back to Toronto in December.

Stars - Ageless Beauty

Stars - Elevator Love Letter

Stars - Soft Revolution

Stars - Ageless Beauty (mp3) (buy)
Stars - Elevator Love Letter (mp3)(buy)
Stars - Soft Revolution (mp3)(buy)

In short though, it was an effin' awesome night.

You shoulda been there.

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EWB-York said...

Awesome videos Impressionable Youth. I was at Yorkfest and it rocked. Did you by any chance get a clip of them plugging Engineers Without Borders. If you do, it would totally rock my world. Send it over to