Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Young Lords

That sweater looks mighty comfy.

The Young Lords. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

They formed only two years ago in New York City. Since then, they've played alongside bands such as the Fratellis and the Virgins. They've been featured in magazines such as Anthem and Nylon (twice). More recently, they've been highlighted by mtvU's Ahead of the Curve series with a short clip of their song, Trying.

Young Lords - Trying

That's one of the ten tracks listed on their first full-length release, Rodeo Songs, named after their opening track. You can get your hands on it on October the 7th.

And by the way, they did all this without a label. What a deed indeed! Facts and figures out of the way now, let's talk about the music.

The album opens with Rodeo Songs, fittingly acting as a segue into the rest of the album.

Young Lords - Rodeo Songs (mp3) (Not yet available for purchase. Check the Young Lord's mySpace for details)

It's a tad calmer than what's to follow, but it gives you a nice hint about what to look forward to. What may not be completely obvious from this first track however, is that the next 30 minutes of the album is effin' badass. Bad-ass-country-alternative-indie-rock. Another band that came into my mind while listening to the Young Lords was the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The recordings also have that gritty, rough edge feel to it that I am oh so attracted to. This is the kind of album that you're gonna want playing through your car speakers, as you're driving by the city streets in your aviator shades and nonchalant expression. These are the modern, existential tunes and lyrics that make indie music enthusiasts nod knowingly to each other upon hearing. I've been resisting the phrase, but honestly, I feel it encapsulates their sound well. Cool. The Young Lords simply, sound and exemplify the term, "cool".

So cool, yet judging by this interview, they sound pretty approachable too. I should have known. They were so humble and in their emails.

Young Lords interview with TT! TV

Just hold on, boys. I have a feeling things are gonna sky rocket for you soon. And once they do, won't you make a couple of stops in Canada? Much appreciated.

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