Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Post!

Kaiser Chiefs - Learnt My Lesson Well (Cut Copy Remix) (mp3) (buy)

Sarah Slean - Out in the Park (mp3) (buy)

Of Montreal - If I Falter Slightly Twice (mp3) (buy)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (mp3) (buy)

Mstrkrft - Bounce (feat. Nore Felix Cartal) (mp3) (buy)


SeanDiS said...

did you see what the kaisers said about mp3 blogs? be curious of your thoughts and those of people who regularly use mp3 blogs for the next part of our article

Edie said...

I'm a huge fan of mp3 blogs and I think there is huge marketing/advertising potential for bands this way. I might be an anomaly because downloading a couple of tracks may actually convince me to buy an album. Like the guy from the Kaiser Chief says, an MP3 just isn't as good as having the hard copy. If the music's really good, I'll get a hard copy. I may never move to digital entirely because I like having the printed linear notes etc etc.
I don't think entire albums should be posted online, but I think that having free music online benefits music fans due to the fact taking a chance on a couple of free downloadable tracks could lead to amazing musical discoveries (hey, if it wasn't for Mp3 blogs, I may have never found out about Of Montreal or Cut Copy).