Thursday, January 15, 2009

Black and Blue

The Black Lips. Their myspace lists them as a comedy act but I don't think they are. Actually they sound like they've got the energy of teenagers and the swagger of a garage band who are capable of making alot of noise. They are releasing a new LP 200 Million Thousand on February 24, 2009, a "snotty 14-track celebration of unadorned rock n roll and no-bullshit songwriting".

Black Lips - Starting Over (mp3) (buy)

"Starting Over" is the first track from the new album, and there is a video contest for the video. They're hoping to have million thousand videos made for the song and hopefully, out of that, a good one! The maker of the winning video will have a feature on the homepage of, and receive a special 7" of LP-standout "Short Fuse," and a signed copy of 200 Million Thousand.

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