Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tonite Tonight

Currently, I'm in Melbourne, Australia which means that my posts have been far inbetween. I'm super excited about tonight cause I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand at the Palace in Melbourne! Yay! I'm still a little bitter from not being able to get tickets to the intimate show at Lee's Palace in Toronto last month. I can't believe the Toronto show was sold out in less than two minutes. Oh well. It show should be awesome tonight. I'm going to dance like there's nobody watching. Which is accurate because no one from back home will be able to report on my horrible dancing. Unless it somehow shows up on Youtube.

And also coincidentally, my favourite discovery of 2008, Cut Copy hails from Melbourne as well. It's got all the right influences in all the right places. In Ghost Colours has been on constant repeat ever since I got the album. And they'll be playing a show at Circa in Toronto in March 20, 2009.

Wait what's this?! :

Franz Ferdinand WITH Cut Copy? BLINGIN'?!

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