Monday, February 16, 2009


The choice between what-you-really-want and what-you-should-do always seemed like they are at the opposite end of the spectrum. What-you-really-want could lead to anarchy or poverty or on the hand, it could lead to bliss. What-you-should-do is something in the middle, something safe and stable, probably what most people would pick.

Metric has decided that for the most part, they're going with what-they-really-want for the release of their next album, Fantasies on April 14. While signed to Last Gang in Canada, and on Arts & Crafts in Mexico, they're going indie everywhere else.

In an interview with CBC Radio 3, Emily Haines states that "It was strange having some real choices for the first time in our career while also feeling like whichever deal we chose was going to end up being restrictive and force us to compromise creatively. At one point, we just said, 'Oh f*ck it, let’s gamble,' took a deep breath and decided to put this record out worldwide our own way."

James Shaw states that "We might go down in flames, or it might be the best move ever. Either way, it will have been on our terms and for us that is success."

Metric - Poster of a Girl
(mp3) (buy)

The sound of their first single "Help, I'm Alive" (which you can download from their official site) seems like they've made a good choice doing their own way.

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Ginger Snaps said...

Your blog is fun!!! Some friends and myself also have a music blog. Just for fun, we do what we like and say screw everyone else. Good luck with this.