Saturday, February 14, 2009

Match Maker

I decided that in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'd play match maker with some familiar names.

First, let's see if we can find a new love for dear Mr. Tracy Jacks.

Tracy Jacks, works in civil service
Tracy Jacks, it's steady employment
Tracy Jacks, it's a golfing fanatic
Tracy Jacks, but his put is erratic
Tracy Jacks, saw a harley street doctor
Tracy Jacks, who prescribed healthy living
Tracy Jacks, but he's getting past forty
Tracy Jacks, and all the seams are splitting

It sounds like he could do with some excitement in his life. Someone vibrant and full of life. Let's set him up with Chelsea Dagger. She's always the life of the party!

Chelsea, Chelsea I believe that when your dancing
Slowly sucking your sleeve
That all boys get lonely after you leave
And it's one for the Dagger and another for the one you believe

Well... I hope that match up doesn't blow up in my face.

Blur - Tracy Jacks (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)
the Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

Moving on. Everyone, say hello to Mohammed.

Again and again I get up and say

I only want to get it right
I only want to do the right thing,
but are these demons, I ask myself
I wonder today, I'm alone, but then
No one can make their own life
No one can say that they're an island
When all this freedom that you get is a lie

Dude needs someone to lighten him up. He said it himself, no one can make their life their own, no one can say that they're an island (hey, didn't someone else say that before? ;D). Mohammed, meet Missy.

Missy got off the bus one day
In a crowd of people, downtown LA
She looked around as if to say, 'I'm home'
I'm home
I'll find someone to love
And some place to drink
And some time when I can just sit and think
And I don't mind if I catch the stink of these drones
Just as long as I'm never alone

the Dandy Warhols - Mohammed (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)
the Airborne Toxic Event - Missy (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)
(mp3 removed upon request)

Next, we have Jeb Rand.

Jeb Rand
Running from bullets of his past
Jumping from rock to rock just out of grasp
Orphaned boy coming from ships across the sea
Memory is what you know not what you see
so please understand
Jeb Rand you're a wanted man
Shot down by your brother's hand
Jeb Rand run out of this land
They won't stop til you can understand

Poor Jeb Rand is in need of some serious understanding. I think Madeline will understand.

Madeline, hair in your eyes
With the voice as soft as satin
Madeline, you'll surely find
Smiles from inside a worried glance
You always kept me waiting
Somehow I never seem to mind
When the wind has caught your sail,
Come back and see me, Madeline

Bedouin Soundclash - Jeb Rand (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)
Yo La Tengo - Madeline (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

Last on today's match making special, we have Michael.

Michael you're the boy with the leather hips
Sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips
Michael you're the only one I'd ever want
only one I'd ever want
only one I'd ever want
Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance floor
Michael you're dancing like a beautiful dance-whore
Michael waiting on a silver platter now
Nothing matters now

Oh damn, that Michael sounds like quite the character. One sexy character alright. Michael, Dr. Drako might just be the one for you.

You are everywhere,
everywhere you shouldn't be
Dr. Drako, oh Dr. Drako
Every night when I'm feeling kinda lucky man
Dr. Drako's there to slurp up all the honey yeah

Oh yeah. Michael and Dr. Drako are gonna have one sexy night.

Franz Ferdinand - Michael (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)
Office - Dr. Drako (mp3) ----------------------------------
(No buy link because Office are offering their entire new album, Mecca, FREE. Visit Office's MySpace to get it!)

Well folks, That's that. I did my job setting up some couples on Valentine's Day. Did I do a good job, you think?

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mchen said...

Terrific match-making job, I say — I think Tevye could've used your help:

I see you've posted about Peter Elkas too; I just posted about seeing him perform on valentine's day. Glad I stumbled across your blog!