Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party Days

Summer has finally begun. What better way than to spend an evening with friends and take some silly pictures, play "rock band" on Nintendo Wii and pig out on junk food. Who knows, this could be you in the future:


San Francisco's Photons feature the basson, glockenspiel, clarinet and a random assortment of instruments such as the electro-harp, sod-bottle perussion and bulbut tarange (Indian banjo).

Photons - Where were you last night (mp3) (buy)

It's rock sound that's a bit complex, with lush sounds and an indie spirit. The group has organically grown from people simply wanting to learn a second instrument. For example, the bass player, wanted to learn how to play the drums. And soon with members being able to pay a large variety of instruments, why not write songs that can involve heavy instrumentation and and complex arrangements?

They sound like a cross between Belle and Sebastien, Modest Mouse, a softer Interpol and infused with the spirit of Broken Social Scene. It's a poppy uplifting sound borne out of intellectual advancement.

The band has recently released their Glory! EP and each CD comes with an issue of the "We Are Photons" comic book series. Seriously.

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