Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wait by My Generation

I love the music of the past. You could say I'm not with the times. You could say I'm living under a rock. You could say that, you know, there's a whole new world out there. But...

There's something about songs from the 50's where all that matters is that it sounds good and brings a smile to your face! And there's an audible aesthetic to this kind of sound you'll know as soon as you here it.

It's also hard to reproduce or interpret that type of aesthetic without venturing into a cliched or gimmicky territory.

That's why I'm so impressed with the Generationals and Lucky Soul.

Clearly, the two guys behind the Generationals, Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, have managed to capture diners, circle skirts, motown sunglasses and sunny afternoons perfectly without going off the deep end. It's fun, it's catchy and the intro to "when they fight, they fight" will automatically you of summer.

Lucky Soul is a little bit more cautious. "Whoa Billy!" warns of "dark age ahead", but who cares anyways?! It's a song sung with girl-group vocals and pop sensibilities about a boy who's confident that everything will work out in the end. Awww..... it instantly takes away the rain cloud above your head and promises that this summer is going to be awesome!

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DJ Max Power said...

Just saw this. So good. Thanks for the tip!