Monday, June 15, 2009

Sam Bennett and the Sharp Knees

Just in time and perfect for the summer season, it's Sam Bennett and the Sharp Knees!

This Sam Bennett from Nottingham, England really knows how to brighten a day. Unlike the rest of the kids, his music is unabashedly cheerful in a decade where it's arguably much cooler to be depressed. Plug him into your iPod and you'll be strolling, skipping and/or sauntering down the street while everyone else shuffles, slouches and slinks. Thank goodness for sauntering.

Sam's got this snazzy new Hummingbird EP with the Sharp Knees supporting him. The result is something punchier and higher energy than his acoustic solo material from the I Am a Lighthouse single and B-sides that he released earlier. The tracks from that single are available for download at his official site so be sure to pick it up if you enjoy good music and being happy. At its core, the Hummingbird EP shares the same infectious, pop-hit-worthy writing but with the addition of amps and drums via the Sharp Knees.

Sam Bennett and the Sharp Knees - Two Headed Girl
(mp3) (buy)
Sam Bennett and the Sharp Knees - Speak to Me Softly (mp3) (buy)
Sam Bennett and the Sharp Knees - Hummingbird (mp3) (buy)

After listening to that batch of catchy tunes, even I feel like finding a summer girlfriend and frolicking with her as the sun shines on our faces and the wind rushes through our hair and onlookers sigh in envy at our optimistic young love. And I challenge you not to feel the same way after taking a listen for yourself.

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