Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feeling Better

I've just discovered a band called the Teenagers. They're made up of mid-20's Parisian hipsters who started the band as a joke. They play synth-y dance rock with some early Pulp sleaze and a hint of tongue-in-cheek parody about the kids of today.

Their lyrical content is rather crass and one dimensional, but I find it pretty amusing.I mean, "would you do them if they had unibrows?" It's such (sarcastically) deep stuff! It's a social commentary, but a commentary about the fake glossy TV-versions of teenagers you see in magazines sang with heavy indifferent french accents.

And how did they know that I'd be dancing alone, feeling better, listening to this song?

"Who's there for you when you're cold and alone
The teenagers, the teenagers
We're playing our songs and you're dancing along
You're feeling better, feeling better"


Cause you want to dance
Or missing your friends
'Cause you don't have any
Well, we don't care
Just buy our t-shirts and talk about us everywhere
If you wanna

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance ..."

Teenagers - Tiger (mp3) (buy)

Teenagers - Feeling Better (mp3) (buy)

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