Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things learned from Busking for Change

Here are some things I learned from War Child's Busking for Change.

1. Luther from Crush Luther gives great hugs!

That's a great cardigan he's wearing. He and Matt (on the left) like to perform jump kicks and power stances during the most inappropriate times of a song. Their second album was released digitally yesterday on High 4 Records, and it's pay-what-you-can until October 13th. So go get it. Otherwise you can pick up a physical copy on October the 13th. Here's a busking preview of a track from the new album called "A Light". It'll make you go "awww". Kinda the way Luther's hugs would make you go "awww".

2. Daniel Victor's hair gets even MORE magnificent in strong winds.

Daniel Victor, mind behind the Neverending White Lights has magnificent hair. You've seen it before in the music videos. You know, The Grace, Angels and Saints, Age of Consent. The wind makes it even better. Doesn't matter how strong the winds are, it'll still look like a glamourous wind machine on that coiffe. The Neverending White Lights made a small crowd of us wait out in the cold rain in the morning outside of Much Music, and then they never showed up there. What's the deal, man?! But they did do the rest of their sets. I caught them at the corner of Queen and Bay, and the rain was gone but the wind was ridiculous! They did some unexpected covers, including Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. That's not the epic brooding Neverending White Lights I know!

3. The dudes from Default are so chill.

So chill. I didn't know much about them before the set, other than my sister thinking they have the most awesome band name. But I did meet a very nice woman at the Neverending White Lights set who's a big fan, so I sort of ended up tagging along to the Default show too. They were very cool. No puns intended on the weather (har har har). She's probably reading this. You're awesome, Eden! It was a pleasure!

4. The Arkells are so charming!

By the time the Arkells played their last set of the day, it was freezing! And despite the wind chill, these two were great fun. They're fantastic live and have a knack for terrific banter. So charming and funny! Hell, I thought they were pulling a Flight of the Conchords on us. But instead, they pulled an OutKast.

5. Sharing is caring.

I got some birthday money this week, and a massive chunk of it went out to War Child yesterday. Just know that I got the warm and fuzzies from donating all that. Busking for Change was a fantastic event. Great concept, and great spirit from all of the performers and everyone that gathered round to be a part of it. I can't wait to do it all over again next year.

Visit to find out more about their cause.

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