Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beat Radio

Lemme tell you a little something about Beat Radio. This New York indie-pop band have got a really special thing going on. Blend front man Brian Sendrowitz' humble and unassuming indie croon with lyrics that only a genuine lover of music could write, add some atmospheric synthesizers, cover it all with a blissful calm and you get Beat Radio's sophomore release, Safe Inside the Sound.

Beat Radio - Sleepwalking (mp3)
Bear Radio - Memoir of a Lightning Bolt (mp3)
Beat Radio - Sunday Matinee (mp3)

By the way, Beat Radio wants you to have their entire album, Safe Inside the Sound, for free. Go get it!

The title of the album comes from a lyric in the track The Lion and the Lamb and I think it's a truly fitting match to embody this collection. Something that Safe Inside the Sound manages to achieve unlike any album I've heard before is its ability to be so honestly self-reflexive about the presence of music in daily contexts. These simple references to getting lost in sound, to broken guitars, to violins in your bedroom, radio shows and title tracks, queens of all ages shows, and to simply making noise are dispersed throughout the entire forty or so minutes of day-dreamy tunes. The album relates to all those strange little personal worlds that music fans have created for themselves, "safe inside the sound", if you will. More colloquially, it'll make the indie nerd inside you reminiscent for all of your previous musical, youthful and optimistic experiences. It's an album that makes up for every conversation with someone that "just doesn't get your music". This whole indie spirit culminates in the Sunday Matinee romance:

We hear the band start up and then we rush inside

And when the bass drops out
And the singer screams and shouts
And you say this is that song that I was talking about
Push your hair behind your ears and you close your eyes
And when you lean in close
Then tell me it's the part you love the most
When you pull me out into the light
I don't care about the song

I think it's safe to say that this is a successful case of the write-about-what-you-know approach. Brian Sendrowitz and Beat Radio obviously know music, and they know what it means to people like us that write and read music blogs. It's bands like this that we want fronting the music scene, what with their catchy tunes, agreeable album ideologies and simple goal of spreading music farther. Yeah, that sounds like a cause I can fully support!

Download Beat Radio's Safe Inside the Sound in its entirety here, and if you like what you hear, spread the word!

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