Sunday, October 4, 2009


Before I even listened to them, I had an image of Toronto band Corduroy as cute, lovable and fuzzy because I associated "corduroy" with that picture book series about a stuffed bear in green corduroy overalls. But in all fairness, "cute, lovable and fuzzy" really aren't too far off for a description of the band.

Although this four piece has been around since 2007, I hadn't heard of them until fairly recently. They had one previous release, Whatever Happened to Corduroy, which got them enough attention to land gigs at festivals like the Cutting Edge Music Festival and Canadian Music Week. Since then they've been working on the Corduroy Demoroys. Ha, cute. They've already released the first one!

Demoroy Vol. I Track List:

1. The Lighthouse Keeper (mp3) (visit Corduroy on mySpace to download all of Vol. I free!)
2. Nicolas Cage
3. Shiny Shoes

And by the time the first line of the first song was through, I had been won over. Some new words to live by? "If you and me were meant to be then we'll be eventually". Short, simple and sweet. Just like the rest of this demoroy. It consists of three tracks with bright guitars, well-placed hand claps and an overall optimistic feeling. The only bad thing that came out of this is that some people misread one of the song titles for the name of the band and then they laughed at me for listening to "Nicolas Cage" on my iPod.

Each of the demoroys to come will also consist of three tracks, available free for download through mySpace as the band releases them. You'll also be able to get them at their shows (Rivoli on October 23rd and Rancho Relaxo on November 21st for those of us in Toronto) and they'll come with original artwork by either the band itself or by local artists. Fancy!

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