Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crush Luther has something good to give.

If you go to the homepage of High 4 Records between now and October 13th, you'll see a large spread featuring Toronto pop-rock darlings, Crush Luther. Click on the left, and you can make your claim as a "starving student" and access the band's new album Some People Have No Good To Give at no cost. Click to the right, "the band eats this week", and you choose the price you're willing to pay for some quality tunes and snappy PDF album art. Behind these two choices is a black and white photo of the band. If you look at it long enough, they begin to look a little forlorn. It would take a man with a very small heart not to pay what he could.

Pay what you can and we get to eat this week! :D

Shortly after the release of their debut self-titled, Crush Luther achieved heavy rotation on MuchMusic but thankfully they stayed cool enough to make an appearance on YTV. They toured the country for a while, experienced a significant line up change, lead singer Luther developed a Twitter addiction, and of course, they've released their second album online.

Some People Have No Good to Give Track List:

1. A Light (mp3) (amazon) (iTunes) (Pay-What-You-Can!)
2. Daisy
3. Oh No Not Me
4. Cute Like the Movies
5. The Scratch
6. Sandbox
7. Gospel Music
8. 28
9. I Was Electric
10. Everybody Dies
11. We Are Kings
12. Makes You Weak

Some People Have No Good To Give. It has a pop-rock sound and incredibly endearing songs that have the potential to appeal to massive mainstream audiences. Strangely enough, it's still difficult to compare them to other bands. I think what's throwing me off is the unexpected match of vocals to their musical style. He may not look it with that preppy white collar and sweater but Luther's got one of those strong-man voices with a slight pleasant rasp that you'd hear more traditionally in bands that wear all black and abuse fog machines during shows. But instead, here we have him singing these adorable lyrics about being cute like in movies and being excited to reach the age of twenty eight so that he can be like a friend he admires. Again, unexpected combination but oddly complimentary to each other. Add some fun and cheeky guitars to the mix and bam! Unabashedly heart-warming pop-rock goodness.

Crush Luther's having their CD release part at the Horseshoe Tavern on October the 9th, this coming Friday. I've never seen them at a venue, but from the short acoustic set I caught during Busking for Change, I'm sure it'll be kick-ass. Charming and interactive, it's obvious that they love their fans. As if it wasn't already obvious enough from their compulsive Twitter and youTube updates.

Visit and you can name your price for the new album, Some People Have Nothing Good To Give. Or wait til October 13th, and get a fancy physical copy at your local record store.


* * * * said...

His Twitter is hilarious!

Great site!

Impressionable Youth said...

* * * * (I feel like I'm swearing when I refer to your username!), you've been giving us such kind words! We really appreciate it. Thanks reading, you make us feel loved.