Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amsterdam Acoustics

I'm so excited to introduce you to Amsterdam Acoustics! Much like other indie music street performance blogs out there, Amsterdam Acoustics records musicians playing their stuff acoustically in some kind of random location in their namesake city. I'm super extra excited about this one! Other than the clear video and sound quality shot mostly in picturesque outdoors, there's another distinguishing feature: they pick awesome acts to perform, rather than just who's popular or just having a massive site full of mediocre acts. On their website, I found obscure talent that I already adore and think deserve some more exposure. I also found a ton of great new stuff.

We all know that finding new music is about sifting through the crap to get to the good stuff. And here, I found many gems. Clearly whoever runs Amsterdam Acoustics knows there is a big difference between indie music and GREAT indie music. I'm so glad they chose the latter to feature on their site.

Check out a few of the latest videos below.

Peasant - We're Good (mp3) (buy)

We Have a Band - Honeytrap (mp3) (not yet for sale)

Peter, Bjorn and John - Stay this Way (mp3) (buy)

And head over to Amsterdam Acoustics to see more!

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