Monday, March 1, 2010

Canon Logic - FM Arcade

The Canon Logic have been around since 2006, releasing EPs and making rounds in various music festivals like CMJ and Warped Tour. On March 9th, they'll be releasing their debut full-length, FM Arcade.

Pure American power pop is the best way to describe their sound. It's fun, harmony driven, rock music with influences referencing both the Beach Boys and the Killers. It's upbeat with mainstream appeal and I can imagine someday turning on the telly and seeing one of their videos on MusicMusic or hearing one their songs on product commercials (ie. Rogers Home Phone, iPods etc). Hey, all you marketers and PR people, get on that!

Oh and by the way, they have the best endorsement ever! According to their myspace, Bill Murray says "Oh, I've heard of them."

The Canon Logic - Nights at Armour Mansion (mp3) (iTunes)
The Canon Logic - Avenues of Criminals (mp3) (iTunes) (download from official site)

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