Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dance, Mother Fucker!

For the last two years, I've been urging all of my friends to see Sweet Thing whenever they had a show around Toronto. I'd tell them about how great of a concert they put on and how much fun was guaranteed with the purchase of a ticket to see them. I would make sure to describe in detail the band's musicianship and the intricacies of their vocal harmonies. Most importantly, I'd tell them that their lead singer always wears the best of vests, and that he'll get you clapping along until your hands are aching and then some. He's got such a great stage presence, you'll be absolutely giddy when he raises the mic stand dramatically or hits those high vocal wails. Yeah, smash that tambourine, boy! Fist pump that air! Damn it, I think I love this band! Collectively, Sweet Thing are without doubt one of the best live acts around Toronto. And of course, after my long glorifying speeches prasing this band, few of my friends would believe me. A band can't possibly be that great. On occasion, one of my smarter friends would follow me to a show and every time that happened, I got the opportunity to grin at their stupefied faces, and say "I told you so".

After what seems like years of having only a five-track EP to appease fans and being signed to EMI, then opening shows for everyone from LIGHTS, to Dragonette, to the Arkells, Sweet Thing is finally preparing to release their debut full-length. There's no set title or release date yet, but they've put the first single up for download on their official site.

Sweet Thing - Dance Mother (explicit version)

Maybe you don't want to dance. But Sweet Thing gives you no choice. Laden with their signature high energy guitar hooks and group harmonies in all the right places, Dance Mother will not only have you dancing, but it'll also have you telling all of the other mo' fo's around you to do the same. Try not to offend anyone by doing that. You can also get a clean version of the single, (without all the f-bombs in the chorus) over at the official site, if you feel so inclined.

As much as I love the single, epic over-the-top lyrics and all, Sweet Thing is definitely a band you have to see in concert to really appreciate. Seriously, catch them around southern Ontario and Montreal for their quick tour before they bring it back home to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

March 9th @ Call the Office, London
March 10th @ Starlight Room, Waterloo
March 11th @ La Sala Rossa, Montreal
March 12th @ Maverick's Bar, Ottawa
March 13th @ Lee's Palace, Toronto ** CMW

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Higherstate said...

Check this out, it was vaporshowcase. Had the experience to shoot sweet thing. They are amazing.