Monday, September 8, 2008

Oasis Attacked... But Not By Each Other


This is video from last night's show closers at Toronto's V Fest, Oasis. Apparently a guy got swept up in the heat of the moment and managed to get past both festival, and personal security guards. He gave a cowardly, from-behind push to Noel and it was enough to knock him over. He also took a swing at Liam, but the security got to him and the situation was quickly resolved. They finished their set, which is quite commendable considering that Noel was hospitalized after.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Noel and Liam deserved it but, c'mon. They are notorious for being asses. It was bound to happen eventually. Afterall, they've offended their fair share of people. It's just a shame that it happened in Toronto.

Don't hate us, Oasis. The rest of the city is behind you. We're just not gonna run up and push you over.

Oasis - I Hope, I Think, I Know (mp3) (buy)

They try hard to put me in my place
And that is why I gotta keep runnin'

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