Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post V Fest

Okay, so that's a really misleading title for this post. Sort of. Technically, it's true. It will be post V-fest Toronto about now. But I didn't attend V-fest this year even though I love half of the bands who are playing.

I decided I don't really like large music festivals. First off, being petite, I can't really see anything. While there is value to music festivals in which you can't see anything (ie. being with friends, gushing over your favourite bands, festival atmosphere etc.), I just prefer seeing bands in smaller settings. I like to push my way to the front, but in a music festival, I'd just end up watching it on a megatron. I might as well do that at home for free on tv.

This is what I saw when Death Cab For Cutie played at Olympic Island a couple of months back. And that was when I held my arm over my head with the camera.

Not much of a view. But then a very generous and giddy girl sitting on someone's shoulders behind me took this one for me. I could see via my camera lens! Note to self: please bring a camera to shows more often.Death Cab for Cutie - No Sunlight (mp3) (buy)

Anyhoo, I will leave you with a couple of tracks from the headliners at V-fest.

Foo Fighters - Come Back
(mp3) (buy)
Oasis - Live Forever (mp3) (buy)

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