Friday, February 13, 2009

The Stills at WinterCity Fest 2009

I haven't found the time to write this until now, so my apologies for the delay.

The Stills have always been one of those bands on my peripheral. Knew about them , listened to an album or two, but I never really gave them much of a second glance. I mean, the Still in Love Song, and Lola Stars and Stripes have been on my regular rotation for a long while now, but other than those two tracks, there wasn't much there that kept my attention. However, after seeing them play live at Nathan Phillips Square just last week, I decided that I should start paying some attention.

I love it when a band suddenly commands my respect after a live performance. The boys were energetic, and playful with their banter. Their tunes were good, and their presence was great.

They dedicated Snakecharming the Masses to Mr. Stephen Harper. Haha, so cheeky. And right outside City Hall too. Tim Fletcher eventually decided to turn his heat lamp toward us in the audience, telling us that he want to share it, or at least, if we were cold, he would be cold with us. Aww. Olivier Corbeil seemed to have a bit too much saliva though. He kept spitting into that space between the stage and the barrier. For once, I was glad there was a barrier. Nonetheless, he was such a rockstar that when he tossed his cigarette but into that same space, I wanted to catch the embers and indulge in its burn marks.

Now here, take a listen for yourself. I took some videos, and there are plenty more on my youtube channel.

The Stills - Lola Stars and Stripes (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

The Stills - Don't Talk Down (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

After the show and encore, Tim and Olivier came out left of the stage to greet the fans. Those are some very cool guys. I didn't end up staying long enough to see if Olivier actually won a figure skating competition at the ice rink like he promised he would during their set. But I have complete confidence in him. I'm sure he did spectacularly.

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